Chaayos- experiments with chai

With the tagline “Revolutionizing the way India drinks
chai.” It focuses on selling ‘meri wali chai’, a chai made
exactly to serve all kinds of customers through mass
customization. Challenging the trend of coffee chains
was also a reason. To offer kadak adrak chai in the
most customize and traditional way. One of the fastest
growing tea chains with cafes and express outlets
across india. It offers 25 varieties of tea with 12000
ways to customize the same. It presently serves 40000
to 45000 consumers daily. It is also looking forward to
open 50 more outlets across india. Each chai is
handcrafted and made upon order. The variety of teas
with Chaayos offer ranges from Indian chai’s like Pani
Kum Chai and Kashmiri Kahwa to international
favourites like Chamomile tea and Moroccan mint tea.
Eco-friendly KULHAD system is also available and you
can get your tea served in a KULHAD by just paying Rs.
20 extra and enjoy the same. Chaayos is run by
SUNSHINE TEAHOUSE PVT. LTD. and they targeted the
tea market and not the coffee market because chai is
consumed 9 times more than coffee in India.

There is a huge chai gap in our country because before
this there were no dedicated chai shops and only
coffee shops were available which were not a prime

focus of the chai lovers. Even if the coffee shops had
tea available it would be dip tea bags with artificial
flavours which could not satisfy the taste of tea. There
were ‘thela chai’ available but not all kind of gentry
was ready to consume it as it has unhygienic setting
and lacks quality and options. The offices have tea
machines installed in the premises but because of the
artificial flavours and powdered milk again the tea
lovers could not be satisfied.