Customer service is very essential for successfully running a retail business. After all, the best advertisement is a satisfied customer. However, when the question arises as to if customer service is the only key to success in retail, then I think we can’t just get swayed by placing our bets on happy customers to be the catalysts of our growth.
Customer service is never a sure shot solution for customers. There are the rational ones who’ll spread the good word on being treated fairly. But then there is tough crowd, who won’t be pleased no matter what. If customer service was the only key for retail growth, then isn’t retail growth solely based on customers that visit the store? And how do we even start to get these potential customers?
If such was the case, we are essentially leaving the growth on external forces, which is one of the worse ways to plan a business.
There are retail giants, which are operating amidst all adverse conditions, even when their customer service might not be top notch
Because they know that success of retail is not a one dimensional aspect, but a multi faceted problem to tackle.
Customer service tips to keep your patrons satisfied.
•Focus on the Customer in Front of You
•Go the Extra Mile
•Improve the Checkout Experience
•Introduce Employees and Customers by Name
•The Magic Word: “Thank You” Never Turn Away from an Approaching Customer
•Establish Procedures for Dealing with Unhappy Customers