Companies throughout the world are constantly seeking new ways to reach the consumers. Just few decades ago, television and print media advertisement are the fundamental components of marketing strategies. But now, the social media has revolutionized the way marketers and the brands promote their products. Now social media is viewed as a medium of reaching to masses, not only by the companies but by other users also, anyone on social media can reach to masses and make their opinions heeded. The social media has changed the way the consumer’s marketers interact. Through social media, the consumers have developed a new medium to interact with each other which also helps them take decisions more easily and they receive first-hand information from the actual users which are more reliable and helpful. Social media helping people to express, and share ideas, thoughts, and opinions with others. The person who actually wants to buy something can rely and believe on the reviews of the product from the people who have actually used them. Nowadays some people are becoming dedicated bloggers who try and test new products and review them for the potential users and millions of people who follow them actually believe the information they share and make their buying decision accordingly. Social media has made the brands more cautious about their product quality and the information they share because if they get the bad reviews from the bloggers and on any social media platform it can hamper their sales. Social media on the other hand also helped the companies to establish a strong brand presence in short period of time through paid partnership with social media influencer; here we can take the example of smartphone company ONE PLUS which majorly do their product marketing through social media. They collaborate with celebrities as well as local social media influencer to launch their product in the market and this really helps them to make it a successful launch.