Get More Impressions, Engagements and Likes on Twitter Tweets


Twitter is a famous and very important social media site for everyone. whether it’s a business account or a personal account.

200 billion tweets are published on Twitter every day. But every tweet does not get impressions, likes and engagement.

We have a solution to this problem, which can give you a minimum of 1000 impressions in one day on your tweets.

3 steps to get more impressions, clicks and likes on twitter tweets.

Step 1: Mass Follows Twitter

This is a tool used to follow and unfollow on Twitter. You download this chrome apps.

After downloading, login to your Twitter account on your desktop.

Next, open the list of followers of the account you want to follow. Then you have the option to follow and unfollow them.

Twitter impression tricks

Step 2: Pin Post

Pin the tweet on your twitter profile which you want to more likes, impression more.

Pin the tweet, that when you use the “Twitter Mass Follow” Tool and follow the people, they will definitely open your profile.

Step 3: Find Hashtags

Use the hashtags that your tweets reach those people for whom you tweeted.

Here is an image based on a proof that it proves that with these tips you can get more Impression and Likes.

Tweeter screen shot for proof of 5.3k Impressions