Simplest Way to do Search Engine Optimization (Seo)

simplest way to do search engine optimization

As you know how much search engine optimization has become necessary to rank a website.

Search engine optimization has become very difficult as well as necessary.

Because if search engine optimization was not necessary, then you were not reading this content written by me.

Perhaps you are one of those people who search the same question every day on Google: What is the simplest way to do seo for website?

Let’s leave all these things and come on seo topic

I have the simplest way to search optimization of any website.

Before starting this SEO topic, I would like to ask you to check these basic things of your website.

1. Website Title and Tagline

Firstly, keep the title of your website the same as your domain name.

Most people do that the domain name words are somewhat different and the title words are somewhat different.

If you do not understand then see this image.

simplest way to do seo
Title Mistakes

The image of which he has put up is himself a digital marketing agency, But my purpose is not to insult anyone in front of you.

Rather think, the agency whose own SEO is not good, how will SEO of the customer’s website?

This is a second image whose website title and domain is absolutely perfect.

meta description image
screen shot searchopel

So keep in mind that your domain name and website title are both same words and the length of both should not exceed 60 characters.

Also remember that after the name of your brand you also have a tagline of business.

2. Meta Description

You have already read about the meta descriptions of what it is, how long it should be, how it works in SEO.

But maybe you don’t know what the meta description is, then you can read about the meta description: what is meta description?

So whether you believe it or not, but meta description is very important in search engine optimization.

Let’s understand the magic of meta description with the help of Google search.

Here is a picture in which we have searched for “social media marketing tips”.

The words “social media marketing tips” you see in the search results are bold.

Because the work of the meta description describes the search engines, what is the contents of this web-pages.

Therefore, you should also add every page meta description tag of your website and the length of the meta description should be 300 characters.

3. Sitemap and Robots.txt

First of all start with sitemap,

Sitemap.xml is a file created for the search engine so that the website and content can be indexed in search engines.

The easiest way to check the sitemap file is “

The WordPress and CMS platforms have gives already plugins to create sitemap file.

Such as WordPress most famous sitemap generator plugin is the Yoast Seo.

If the website has been created by a developer then its own sitemap file itself has to be created. You can read the for how to create a Sitemap file.

Next topic is Robots.txt file

Let’s say that there are some pages on your website that you do not want to index on the search engines: For example – Thank-You page.

Uses the Robots.txt file to avoid indexing private (Admin) or thank-you pages.

Here are a post link that are written by Moz, the best guide to Robots.txt.

if you have checked these three things that I have told.

let’s start he the topic “what is the simplest way to do search engine optimization (Seo).

Anything you read here is a rule that has been created by the search engine. But search engine optimization means that your website get more traffic.

The easiest way to do SEO is to understand the search engine deeply.

According to me, the search engine works on words.

For example: Suppose you are a online marketing executive of a Digital Marketing Agency, and your services for customers are SEO, SEM, online reputation management, outbound and inbound marketing etc.

Your target audience searches for SEO Services: means they are looking for all these services that you provide.

But when these customers come to your website?

If your websites is pages or posts in the name of the SEO service, there are no written content copies.

So people searching SEO Services will come to your website.

I guess, you do not understand!

I mean to say, whichever is your business and whatever service you provide to customers.

Write content on all your queries that your customers can search for your business services and products.

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Tarun Pal